Equipping your kitchen

It’s said that a bad workman blames his tools, but having good kitchen equipment can cut your work time in half and make it a lot more pleasant.


Setting up a kitchen for the first time can be confusing and expensive.

I recommend buying a few things each week, starting with the most essential. You will need plates, cutlery and glasses of course, the classic Duralex heat safe glasses work for hot and cold drinks and have a timeless elegance, a good buy in my opinion.

Start with saucepans and a good quality knife then add the rest of the list below as you see fit.

A good quality, medium size knife                                               Steel, or knife sharpener


Rubber spatula

Tongs x 2                                                          


Serving spoon                                               

Slotted spoon                                               

Potato masher                                              

Egg lifter

A good pepper grinder                                    

Wooden spoons

Wooden spatula

Colander or sieve

Measuring cup

Stainless steel saucepans, not non-stick.  They will last forever and can be used for baking as well as on the stove top. Make sure they have a heavey base and well-fitting, steel lids.

Frying pan (skillet) with a lid

Small milk saucepan 

Medium size saucepan


Optional extras   

Paring knife 

Whisk (a fork works for small quantities)                                            Steamer

Stick blender